Conference 2013

Envisioning justice and liberation for health seekers, health workers, and communities, the Rebellious Nursing! conference is uniting nurses at all levels of practice, other healthcare providers, and our allies to find inspiration, awareness, solidarity, and practical ways to impact health equity and health disparities among all living beings.
We acknowledge and address health disparities and privilege as social constructs, and seek to understand how these forces impact every aspect of our work. We aim to bring awareness to these barriers when interacting with patients, colleagues, and communities, knowing that awareness brings action, support, and change.
We envision a world where caregiving is a communal activity; where all people receive and have a say in competent, compassionate, and respectful care in their communities.
We work to organize on equal footing, by confronting what divides us; to create safe, energetic spaces for engagement in liberation, justice, and health equity for all living beings.
The Rebellious Nursing! conference is an opportunity to…

rebel nursing

  • build community and solidarity
  • share skills and wisdom
  • develop ongoing creative projects
  • find mentorship and peer support
  • honor all rebellious nurses, past, present and future
The Rebellious Nursing! conference is for…
  • Nurses at all levels of practice
  • Other healthcare providers
  • Nurse allies

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